ISITHABATHABA SOLUTIONS is a short-term, long-term rental property management company based in Khayelitsha, Cape Town, focused on holiday, Weekend and placement of families’ rentals and management of high-end properties.

We manage premium properties low-cost houses, Complex, Government properties, centres, sports fields, and consider property owners to be our partners. We maximise our partners’ returns by focusing on short-term holiday rentals (although we do long-termfilm and corporate letting as well).

We minimise our partners’ stress by ensuring their property is professionally maintained and regularly inspected and secured


Make Your Next Event Truly Memorable

  • As one of South Africa’s most sought-after audio-visual and production specialists, our expertise ensures you a perfect event, every time.
  • We create events that connect people, providing everything from detailed planning to professional execution & control on the day. We’ll make your event a visual and audio masterpiece (without you having to do a thing).
  • From corporate launches and gala dinners to charity events and awards ceremonies, Superior Vision is your event staging partner…


ISITHABATHABA Household and Business Securities provides a converged security service which augments the traditional guarding model with the use of technology to provide a more efficient and effective solution to our customers. 

Our approach will assist you in reducing your risk exposure and delivering a high-quality solution that has a tangible financial benefit to you by leveraging the use of technology. By our savings on your security and related spend, we allow you to deliver more value to your customers and stakeholders.

As a BBBEE Level-1 supplier, not only are we committed to developing our country, but we also provide a substantial benefit in the form of additional procurement points at a recognition level of 110%…


Key Benefits:

  • Pay up to R75,000
  • In the event of death, we also pay back part of premiums paid for the main member and partner.
  • In the event of the main member passing away, we will pay up to R35 000 towards university fees for the main member’s children, If they at school.
  • Includes the vehicle access benefit, which gives you a car for 3 days to use during or after the funeral.
  • You can cover your immediate family, parents, parents in law and extended family members on one policy.
  • You get 20% of your premiums back if your policy has been continuously in-force for at least 5 years and at least 60 premiums have been paid…


After 1994 when South Africa became liberated we saw a number of individuals from previously disadvantage group getting involved in transport industry, most of these people got into this industry without proper guidance or coaching. This has affected them in many challenges, where they found themselves having to in care huge amount of debts without them knowing.

Our service

  • We assist our clients in drafting or studding using our team of expertise.
  • We provide guidance and coaching to all our clients before getting involved in any deals
  • We develop memorandum of understandings for Taxi Associations…


Our aim is to provide our customers with the greatest value and highest level of satisfaction with trained and dedicated staff.

  • We build new homes
  • We build Schools
  • Community halls
  • Home improvements
  • Offices and factories: renovations

The current directors, founded the company in 2019 they have among themselves individuals with fast experience in the construction industry and they have a line-up of management with many years of experience in the industry…



  • Driving License is a must have these days
  • For the purpose of employment
  • You can’t buy a car without a License
  • Your CV means nothing without a driver’s license
  • If you get in an accident whilst driving the fault is yours


Our Table of Content

  • We cater for all your special needs
  • Our friendly stuff will always be available to make your life much easier
  • No Job is to small and no Job is to big
  • We provide garden cleaning services
  • We provide household cleaning services
  • We deploy permanent stuff to your premises…