Isitha driving academy

You might ask yourself what this new driving school is going to do after so many driving schools in the society and some of them do not even have work to do. People who have that mentality are narrow focused and very short in observing what is happening in our society.

In our society there are so many young people who did not finish their matric because of challenges beyond their control, and those young people are now occupying the streets and some are standing at the robots looking for work without any form of skill.

In South Africa there are so many of our youth who gets employed but lack the driving documents, like in the Police, social development, Correctional services, and the Taxi industry, I am only highlighting places where it is compulsory to have a driver`s licence.

Driving Licence is a document to have so this is the reason why as Isithabathaba Solution we felt that there is a need for us to also contribute in addressing some of the challenges facing our society by providing the opportunity to those who need it.

Our Packages

  • Classes for Leaners Licence
  • Leaning Material
  • Lecturer and lecture room
  • Driving lessons Code 03-14


  • After hours Classes
  • Home pick and drop
  • Work pick-up and drop
  • Special classes for weekends